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Drumgenius 3.0

“Drumgenius is a great resource
that can bring any player closer to the flame.”
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Play along with the greatest drummers

Drumgenius, used by thousands of students and professional musicians all over the world, is the first encyclopedia of Grooves from Jazz to Rock as played by the masters of drums: a unique tool for any musician that wants to practice with an amazing expert virtual drummer and to expand the knowledge of any kind of rhythm, from the basic to the most complex one! The drum loops (stretchable) are accompanied by useful descriptions and discography references. The special “Clave” button helps to go deep into the nature of different rhythms. DG 3.0 features also Metrogenius function, the smart Metronome with 27 different clave and “swing regulator”.

Download the app for FREE and use the PREVIEW FUNCTION for listening to all the drum loops before deciding to download them. You have at disposal three free drum loops to download from the list of 500 DRUM LOOPS total, so you can test the player functions and enjoy the practice with Drumgenius!

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Info & tips

  • Drum genius 3.0 works with iOS 9 or later.
  • Drum genius 3.0 for Android works with Android 4.3 onwards.
  • Drum genius 3.0 full pack (500 loops) is 1,027 MB in size.
  • IMPORTANT: if you upgrade, reset or change your device you may lose your loops, but don’t worry: Apple and Google Store will let you download again your loops with No Extra Charge! Also, you can install Drumgenius pack you bought on more than one device of the same platform without paying twice.
  • Listen carefully to the drum loop, measure its length, surf on the meter, breath and move your body following the time feel. When you feel comfortable, play or sing, trying to groove with the loop as much as you can and remember: DON’T MISS THE ONE!
  • Click the Clave button to listen to the alternate version of the drum loop with clave. The suggested clave wants to be a point of reference for your explorations around the inner structure of rhythm: the backbone of the beat!
  • Use time stretching wisely. For most of the drum loops I suggest to increase or decrease of no more than a 5% the original bpm
  • All the drum loops have been realized by Mauro Battisti using a master keyboard and drum libraries