Drumgenius iOS App Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for the ‘Drumgenius’ iOS app developed by Projazzlab.
Personal data is collected by this app only as required for the in-app purchase to upgrade to the payed versions. This app processes in-app purchases through the Apple’s in-app purchase service.

See below for more information.

In-app purchase

In-app purchase service enables this Application to process payments through the Apple’s in-app purchase service. Apple Payments is a payment service provided by Apple Inc., which allows users to make online payments using their Apple ID credentials.

Various types of Personal Data are collected as specified in the Apple Payments Privacy Notice. Projazzlab holds no information about in-app purchases on its own servers, all data collection and processing is handled by Apple and its partners in accordance with their privacy policy.

Place of processing: US.

Contact Information

The owner and data controller of this app is Projazzlab

Contact Email: info@projazzlab.com

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